Augmented Reality’s Use in PR

New technologies are always changing the way we communicate, and augmented reality is no different. This technology is currently changing the world of public relations.

First of all, what is augmented reality? According to, augmented reality “is when the real world is enhanced or changed through the use of software-based, virtual items.” Augmented reality allows for companies to add more interactive features for their audiences, and while this technology is still on the new-ish side, it’s taking off very quickly. This technology is helpful to PR professionals and companies because it is something that is more likely to catch the attention of intended audiences as compared to traditional advertisements.

A great example of augmented reality being used by a company is the Ikea Place app. This app allows you to see what Ikea furniture would look like in your own home before you buy it. Unfortunately I’m still rocking an iPhone 6, and the app is only compatible with iPhone 6s and newer, so I wasn’t able to try the app myself. However, after reading reviews, I was able to get a feel for how well the app worked. It seems that there were bugs that are being out, but overall the app has positive feedback.

I think this is a great feature for Ikea to offer, and it truly is a prime example of how a company can use augmented reality to benefit its customers. I think we’ll see many more features like this in the near future. I’d personally like to see an app that allows you to see what clothes would look like on you.

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