State of the Union Address Word Cloud

Word clouds are a great tool to help communicate important text in a visual way. The more a word appears in a body of text, the larger it will appear in a word cloud.

I have created a word cloud of President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union Address. I used the top 60 words in order to make the most used words stand out more. The word generator I used was from, and I found it to be very easy to use. The only complaint I had with the generator is that it didn’t have an option to select a certain number of words to use in the word cloud, so I had to manually remove words I didn’t want to include. I did like that you could choose the shape, style, and color of the word cloud.

Some of the words that stand out in this word cloud are “American,” “country,” “people,” “one,” and “home.” Through these words it seems that Trump was trying to use words that would help unify the country in this address. This is definitely something our country needs right now, so it makes sense that he would be using language like this throughout his speech.

Other words that stand out are “tax,” “drug,” “job,” and “immigrant.” All of these words are current topics of concern in the United States, so it makes sense that these would be some of the issues that the president would address in his speech.

This word cloud breaks down a 5,000 word speech into an easy to understand visual. You can get a general idea of what Trump spoke about just by glancing at it, which is very useful.

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